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Our Soft Hose and Hard Hose Travelling Irrigators Comparison

Our Soft Hose and Hard Hose Travelling Irrigators Comparison



Choosing the correct irrigation system is very important, and whether you are irrigating a small garden or huge acreages, IrrigationBox offers the highest quality irrigation solution possible which suit your requirements and will bring the most efficiency and profitability in the end. Save time, money, labour, and most importantly save water! 

As you can see on the below table, the requirements from soft hose travelling irrigators and hard hose travelling irrigators are quiet different. Depending on the flow rate and pressure in your system, there is always a suitable irrigator for any applications.



You can read more on the advantages and disadvantages of both travelling irrigators on our blog here. And please feel free to speak to one of our teams on (07) 3088 8096 or email us to discuss your requirements so we could help you choosing the most suitable travelling irrigators for your application.

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