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Most Efficient Irrigation System for Sport Fields

Most Efficient Irrigation System for Sport Fields


Good irrigation system means healthy grass, which in the big picture means that you are protecting your large investment. It is more than just supplying water to improve the turf growth, but also:

  • Helping the fertilizer feeding the turf immediately and minimising the turf burnt problem after fertilizer application.
  • Extra precaution for after the pesticide application and herbicides work best with good soil moisture.
  • Reducing surface hardness caused by heavy field use, which means minimising the risk of shoulder and knees injuries in the field.
  • Cooling the field surface, reducing the players heat exhaustion and fatigue during the game.
  • Reducing dust particles in the air and improve traction.


In sports turf management, there is a necessity to irrigate in order to provide and maintain a healthy playing surface. Irrigation doesn’t necessarily have to be provided through an installed system. Fields can be watered from above ground irrigation sprinkler heads and we also have soft hose travelling irrigators that are designed especially for the sport fields irrigation application. This application provides the highest water efficiency and the least water wastage.



DuCaR Turf Jet is a new type of high-volume sprinkler for irrigation of turf and cooling of synthetic turfs. Special and small compact design makes it easy to move. It is specially designed for comfortable and quick movement for use at the horse farms, golf courses and narrow lands. It has body angle of 25° for optimum performance.  


High capacity, medium and high pressure, and gear drive sprinkler head rotating full circle or, when required, it can be set by any desired angle adjustment. Shot reaches to 46 meters in radius under no windy conditions. Replaceable nozzle ends and gear drive rotation mechanism allow you to irrigate your field with an even water distribution excellently at the same speed every time!


It is the professional irrigation gun for natural and synthetic turf. It is suitable for use at locations with confined working and revolving space for irrigation, dust control and cooling applications. It can be easily mounted on a riser, tripod stand, or wheeled carts.



STOP wasting time to fix your pop-up sprinklers. IrriCruiser Mini very easy to use, efficient, turbine drive, LOW-COST travelling irrigator suitable for lawn, sports fields, golf, race courses and small- to medium size hobby gardens. It is designed to cover 120m length, which is why it is the most suitable travelling irrigator for the layout of sport fields.


For bigger field, we also have DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini Plus that can cover 140m length. DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini Plus develops the power as a result of water flow, not pressure. Therefore, it can be operated at low pressures. The volume of water entering the turbine is controlled by a diverter valve, which when used with the three-speed gearbox, provides the DuCaR IrriCruiser with infinite range of travel speeds to suit different crop water requirements.



Water in the early morning when the wind is calm.  This allows for adequate time for the turf blades to dry off before field use. Turf watered in the late afternoon or early evening remains wet longer allowing disease organisms time to penetrate turf tissue.

Be sure to finish watering at least 24 and preferably 48 hours before a game. Some managers water the field after the last practice or game if needed to help turf recover from the stress.

Deep and infrequent watering, once or twice a week, is preferred unless you are on sand that needs more frequent irrigation.  Another time when more frequent watering will be necessary is at the time of establishment.  At this time, it will be critical to keep the seedbed moist to ensure germination and may require daily watering, even several times a day.


Never apply more water than the soil can absorb. Water that does not infiltrate into the soil will be lost to evaporation or through runoff. There is an environmental risk to water quality when surface water runoff carries soil particles that contain adsorbed nutrients. However, over-watering can be eliminated by the use of soil moisture sensor.



CropX soil moisture sensor is a device that measures current soil moisture. Sensors integrated into the irrigation system aid in scheduling water supply and distribution much more efficiently. It enables you to schedule irrigation events more efficiently by either increasing or decreasing their frequency and/or intensity, not to wash off valuable nutrients or, on the contrary, leave the plants thirsty. A remote soil moisture sensor helps to estimate the water levels without the need to be physically present in the field, maintaining healthy grass while saving water, protecting local water resources from runoff, saving on energy costs, saving on fertilizer costs and protecting your investment.




When you are designing an irrigation system for a sport field, it is crucial to use a proper design technique in terms of layout and spacing of the sprinkler heads. Don’t forget to consider the most trafficked parts of the playing arena, and ensure that the sprinklers are positioned accordingly so that the water will reach the key wear areas with the proper amount of water. Which is why our DuCaR Turf Jet is the most suitable sprinkler head for sport field irrigation application, it provides perfectly even water distribution at the same speed at all times.

If you prefer easier and less work, DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini and DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini Plus Soft Hose Travelling Irrigators have been exclusively designed for sport fields to make this irrigation system done more efficiently and quicker, with very low labour requirement.


Please contact one of our team at IrrigationBox to discuss the best solution for all your irrigation requirement. We can help you with the best quality and efficient irrigation equipment with the best price in the market.

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