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Drip Design for Landscape

The estimated water use form calculates a rough estimate of the water use by landscapes receiving drip irrigation. Use the second form to estimate how many emitters should be used for each plant.

Learn more about the units used on this page.

Drip Design for Landscapes

Estimated Water Use Per Plant

Individual Plant Area:
Plant Type:
Estimated Water Use Per Plant:

Number of Emitters Per Plant

Emitter Flow Rate:
Number of Emitters Per Plant:

The Equation

These are the formulas used by the calculators to determine the estimated water use and number of emitters per plant.

Water Use Per Plant

Drip irrigation water use equation


= Water use per plant (gpd)

= Individual plant area (sq. ft)

= Plant type. An arbitrary value used to account for different plant types. (see table)

= Climate type. An arbitrary value used to account for different climate types. (see table)

Number of Emitters Per Plant


= Number of Emitters Per Plant

= Water use per plant from Estimated Water Use per Plant calculator

= Emitter flow rate (gpd)

Plant and Climate Type Values

Plant Type ()ValueClimate Type ()Value
Trees1.1Cool Humid0.13
Shrubs0.9Cool Dry0.17
Ground Cover1Warm Humid0.18
Mixed1.1Warm Dry0.22
Turf Grass0.8Hot Humid0.25
Hot Dry0.33

Reference: Washington State University

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