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Turbine and Impact Drive, Low to High Volume Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

IrrigationBox supplies technically advanced irrigation equipment for variety of irrigation solutions.

We offer premium irrigation equipment for the professionals aiming perfect irrigation by providing perfect sprinkler uniformity and reliability.

DuCaR Sprinklers® provide over 85% CU and 75% DU which are better than the accept standard. Poor sprinkler uniformity results in overwatering in some areas and underwatering in others. Poor uniformity also affects fertiliser distribution throughout the crop, especially where fertiliser is applied with irrigation. If you apply fertiliser through your sprinkler system, poor uniformity can deprive some areas of adequate fertiliser and supply excess to other areas.

All our gear driven sprinklers provide continuous irrigation and slow rotation even on high pressure applications. Also, unlike the other gear driven sprinklers, our models' gearboxes never get stuck, because the transmission mechanism consists of a specific sequence of metal-engineering plastics-metal materials and they automatically grease themselves!

Also our low to mid volume, impact sprinklers will amaze you by exceeding your expectations from them!

Our wide range of professional low to high volume gear drive and impact irrigation sprinkler systems to suit from small hobby gardens to large agricultural and industrial applications.  All our products come with 1 year warranty. If you need help to choose the most suitable sprinkler system for your land, please contact us.

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