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Soft hose travelling irrigators vs hard hose travelling irrigators
Soft hose travelling irrigators vs hard hose travelling irrigators
Agriculture irrigation technology that improving very fast has impacted people's way to spend time outside. We start using the technology to make irrigating land easier and simpler while still able to maintain the efficiency of the work done. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages of soft hose and hard hose travelling irrigators in order to find the perfect irrigator for your requirements and needs.
Why should I use a travelling irrigator?
Irrigating your land is about providing the right amount of water to the right area, at the right time, with the highest efficiency in order to bring the most out of your land. The new generation of travelling irrigators will help you achieve all these results, while at the same time you can save time, money, energy, and most importantly save water.
Which sprinkler stands should I buy?
There are three different types of sprinkler stands that you can find, which are sprinkler skid base, wheeled cart, and tripod stand or four-legged sprinkler stand. Depending on your purpose and suitability, you will be able to find the perfect stand for you to maximize the portability and performance. Here at Irrigation Box we can help you choosing the right sprinklers and sprinkler stand for your irrigation system.
Impact sprinkler or gear driven sprinkler?
There are many different agriculture irrigation sprinklers available in the market, from impact sprinklers to gear drive sprinkler. In order to choose the best sprinkler that will be suitable for your requirement, you have to know the flow rate and pressure in your system. When it is time to choose the sprinkler, we will start by discussing how they work and also the advantages and disadvantages of both impact sprinklers and gear driven sprinklers. Our high quality sprinklers also come with different nozzles and specific angle which will work best for your needs. In additions, we also have the perfect sprinkler stands for all of our product. So, buy online now with confidence at Irrigation Box
How to choose the right sprinkler for your project
This article is intended to give an introduction to choose the right sprinkler for any irrigation project. As there are various sprinkler heads used for irrigation in the market, this will help you choose the best sprinkler for your situation. Knowing the pressure and flow rate in your system will help you finding the the most efficient sprinkler which will give you the best performance and most importantly preventing you having a costly error in your system.
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