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Our Soft Hose and Hard Hose Travelling Irrigators Comparison
Our Soft Hose and Hard Hose Travelling Irrigators Comparison



Choosing the correct irrigation system is very important, and whether you are irrigating a small garden or huge acreages, IrrigationBox offers the highest quality irrigation solution possible which suit your requirements and will bring the most efficiency and profitability in the end. Save time, money, labour, and most importantly save water! 

As you can see on the below table, the requirements from soft hose travelling irrigators and hard hose travelling irrigators are quiet different. Depending on the flow rate and pressure in your system, there is always a suitable irrigator for any applications.



You can read more on the advantages and disadvantages of both travelling irrigators on our blog here. And please feel free to speak to one of our teams on (07) 3088 8096 or email us to discuss your requirements so we could help you choosing the most suitable travelling irrigators for your application.

Most Efficient Irrigation System for Sport Fields
Most Efficient Irrigation System for Sport Fields


Good irrigation system means healthy grass, which in the big picture means that you are protecting your large investment. It is more than just supplying water to improve the turf growth, but also:

  • Helping the fertilizer feeding the turf immediately and minimising the turf burnt problem after fertilizer application.
  • Extra precaution for after the pesticide application and herbicides work best with good soil moisture.
  • Reducing surface hardness caused by heavy field use, which means minimising the risk of shoulder and knees injuries in the field.
  • Cooling the field surface, reducing the players heat exhaustion and fatigue during the game.
  • Reducing dust particles in the air and improve traction.


In sports turf management, there is a necessity to irrigate in order to provide and maintain a healthy playing surface. Irrigation doesn’t necessarily have to be provided through an installed system. Fields can be watered from above ground irrigation sprinkler heads and we also have soft hose travelling irrigators that are designed especially for the sport fields irrigation application. This application provides the highest water efficiency and the least water wastage.



DuCaR Turf Jet is a new type of high-volume sprinkler for irrigation of turf and cooling of synthetic turfs. Special and small compact design makes it easy to move. It is specially designed for comfortable and quick movement for use at the horse farms, golf courses and narrow lands. It has body angle of 25° for optimum performance.  


High capacity, medium and high pressure, and gear drive sprinkler head rotating full circle or, when required, it can be set by any desired angle adjustment. Shot reaches to 46 meters in radius under no windy conditions. Replaceable nozzle ends and gear drive rotation mechanism allow you to irrigate your field with an even water distribution excellently at the same speed every time!


It is the professional irrigation gun for natural and synthetic turf. It is suitable for use at locations with confined working and revolving space for irrigation, dust control and cooling applications. It can be easily mounted on a riser, tripod stand, or wheeled carts.



STOP wasting time to fix your pop-up sprinklers. IrriCruiser Mini very easy to use, efficient, turbine drive, LOW-COST travelling irrigator suitable for lawn, sports fields, golf, race courses and small- to medium size hobby gardens. It is designed to cover 120m length, which is why it is the most suitable travelling irrigator for the layout of sport fields.


For bigger field, we also have DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini Plus that can cover 140m length. DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini Plus develops the power as a result of water flow, not pressure. Therefore, it can be operated at low pressures. The volume of water entering the turbine is controlled by a diverter valve, which when used with the three-speed gearbox, provides the DuCaR IrriCruiser with infinite range of travel speeds to suit different crop water requirements.



Water in the early morning when the wind is calm.  This allows for adequate time for the turf blades to dry off before field use. Turf watered in the late afternoon or early evening remains wet longer allowing disease organisms time to penetrate turf tissue.

Be sure to finish watering at least 24 and preferably 48 hours before a game. Some managers water the field after the last practice or game if needed to help turf recover from the stress.

Deep and infrequent watering, once or twice a week, is preferred unless you are on sand that needs more frequent irrigation.  Another time when more frequent watering will be necessary is at the time of establishment.  At this time, it will be critical to keep the seedbed moist to ensure germination and may require daily watering, even several times a day.


Never apply more water than the soil can absorb. Water that does not infiltrate into the soil will be lost to evaporation or through runoff. There is an environmental risk to water quality when surface water runoff carries soil particles that contain adsorbed nutrients. However, over-watering can be eliminated by the use of soil moisture sensor.



CropX soil moisture sensor is a device that measures current soil moisture. Sensors integrated into the irrigation system aid in scheduling water supply and distribution much more efficiently. It enables you to schedule irrigation events more efficiently by either increasing or decreasing their frequency and/or intensity, not to wash off valuable nutrients or, on the contrary, leave the plants thirsty. A remote soil moisture sensor helps to estimate the water levels without the need to be physically present in the field, maintaining healthy grass while saving water, protecting local water resources from runoff, saving on energy costs, saving on fertilizer costs and protecting your investment.




When you are designing an irrigation system for a sport field, it is crucial to use a proper design technique in terms of layout and spacing of the sprinkler heads. Don’t forget to consider the most trafficked parts of the playing arena, and ensure that the sprinklers are positioned accordingly so that the water will reach the key wear areas with the proper amount of water. Which is why our DuCaR Turf Jet is the most suitable sprinkler head for sport field irrigation application, it provides perfectly even water distribution at the same speed at all times.

If you prefer easier and less work, DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini and DuCaR IrriCruiser Mini Plus Soft Hose Travelling Irrigators have been exclusively designed for sport fields to make this irrigation system done more efficiently and quicker, with very low labour requirement.


Please contact one of our team at IrrigationBox to discuss the best solution for all your irrigation requirement. We can help you with the best quality and efficient irrigation equipment with the best price in the market.

Effective Sprinkler System Solution for Dust Suppression in the Mining Industry
Effective Sprinkler System Solution for Dust Suppression in the Mining Industry

Dust Suppression in Mining Sites

Dust consists of small airborne particles and occurs primarily due to wind and traffic movements. The dust particle sizes differ according to the nature of the activity that generated them and this determines the dust control method to be implemented. Companies in the mining industry are tasked with monitoring and controlling their dust emissions, because dust is created in every step of the mining process: mine construction, extraction, processing, storage and transportation.

There are different dust control techniques used in mining and construction sites. Water is the most widely used dust suppressant. To date, the most widely utilized dust control measure has been particle accumulation through the capillary effect of water.

Sprinkler irrigation is primarily used for heap leaching on the mining sites. They are also perfect for dust suppression, slope irrigation, rinsing, and evaporation.

Sprinkler systems are highly effective for dust control and suppression by distributing water droplets more evenly over large areas. This system helps keeping dust particles from being airborne and capturing the ones that are already airborne, while manage to run beyond the dust-causing event to knock down the entire dust cloud.


DuCaR Gear Driven Sprinklers for Mining Industries

Our gear driven sprinklers conserve energy and deliver exceptional uniformity and are becoming hugely popular in the mining industry. The droplets have an ideal size to avoid compacting the soil while it is also sufficient not to evaporate. It is proven to be cost-effective than other method, providing a more reliable and lasting low-maintenance solution that is easier to implement.

DuCaR Dust Jet and Dust Jet Pro are specially designed gear drive dust control and suppression sprinkler to allow irrigation and humidification of large lands with minimum water consumption. Replaceable water breaker and gear drive mechanism ensure the droplets are spread over the working area in a form of mist screen. As the gear drive dust control sprinkler moves constantly, it ensures uninterrupted dust suppression. It has excellent and same forward and reverse speed. The Dust Jet is resistant to light to medium degree chemical.

DuCaR Black Jet is a special product, which has been developed for acidic and abrasive waters. The inside and outside of the product has been coated with powder paint, totally resistant against chemicals. Thus, the detrimental effect of the chemicals has been removed. The moving and turning parts have been produced of stainless steels and engineering plastics, which are resistant against chemicals. Although the water line is stainless steel, it is also coated with special powder paint. At metal fittings, which contact the water, stainless steel has been used. These headers are used mainly for industrial applications, engineering with acidic and abrasive waters and dust suppression rather than the agricultural use. You can suppress the dust with this product at coal stores near the sea shore with sea water. DuCaR Black Jet is also suitable for leach fields in the mining. The materials used have been chosen from materials, resistant against abrasive fluids and chemicals, which are used in the leach fields. The adjustable jet breaker makes it possible to control the droplet size. This product provides saving on time and reduces your work. It is also suitable for gold, silver and copper mines. Please contact us for more information.

If you would like to cover bigger areas, we also have DuCaR Jet 200 which is the biggest rain gun sprinkler in the market. It features medium to high pressure operations (3 to 9 Bars), and provides perfectly even distribution for short, medium, and long distance, thanks to the two-hole nozzle mechanism.


Additional Fire Protection on the Mine Sites

Mine sites across Australia are both broad and varied in how they operate as well as the critical natural resources that they search for. However, all have in common, highly expensive and mission critical equipment that typically operate day and night under extreme hostile conditions. The last thing a mining operation can afford is a fire. Not only will it threaten the safety of operators and destroy vital equipment, a devastating fire most certainly will be catastrophic to production and profits. This is why it is so important to ensure that all these missions’ critical equipment is protected by appropriate fire protection systems. DuCaR Fire Jet Pro is not only an excellent choice for dust suppression in the mining sites, but also a great sprinkler for fire protection. Quick-adjustable nozzle that comes as standard with the product allows quick adjustment for high-speed rotation at low pressure, slow rotation at high pressure. This important function makes it suitable for firefighting and all kinds of irrigation applications.


Contact us today to discuss!

Whether you are looking for solutions in dust suppression, dewatering, or water transfer, IrrigationBox can direct you to the most effective and efficient products and solution that suits your site’s needs and budget.

The Importance of Dust Suppression in Horse Arena
The Importance of Dust Suppression in Horse Arena

The Importance of Dust Suppression in the Horse Arena


In all arenas, both indoor and outdoor, controlling the environment is very important, not just for the human health, but also the equine’s health. Equine’s athletes are very susceptible to small dust particles, smokes in some area, so air quality in general really affects how the horse’s lung works.


Performance horses, rodeo events, dressage, livestock shows, showjumpers, trail riding, and horse racing, where the riders and trainers are spending long hours with the horse, are very popular in Australia. Therefore, maintaining the horse’s health is as important as the human’s health in order to have a successful partnership.


Heavy dust particles, smokes, and poor air quality affects both the horses and the riders greatly. Small particles as little as 5 microns can accumulate in the horses’ nasal passages and lung, and set the horses to potential bleed. Horse’s lung is very delicate and it cannot breathe from the mouth, which cause even bigger problem that the vet has to attend and flush the duct. For the riders and trainers, it’s not just dust in the eye, but it can also create problem from breathing difficulty to asthma and bronchitis. Of course, it is easier to treat humans than the horses, so the least thing we could do is keeping their living and exercise arenas free from unnecessary dust and poor air quality. When they have the best environment, they will give their best performance as well.


DuCaR Sprinklers for Dust Suppression


The easiest way to suppress the dust in the arena would be using water. By spraying water to the air, the wet dust becomes heavier than the air that they don’t blow around anymore. It is an environmentally friendly, easily available, and inexpensive option, compared to changing the footing under the horses’ feet for the arena (very expensive) or even using chemicals (expensive, unsafe for the environment, and can create another health issue for horses and riders or trainers).


The amount of water sprayed and timing are very important for both indoor and outdoor arenas. It needs to be wet enough to be able to suppress the dust and deep enough through the footings so it doesn’t get dry too quickly, but also not too overwatering that the arenas become muddy as it can put too much stress on the horse’s tendon. You can water indoor arenas daily. Another factor to be considered from the outdoor arena is the wind, it can evaporate the water quicker and drying out the footing when it’s too windy. Watering in the morning or at night can be considered to minimise the evaporation.


In addition, the watering system is also important and with the best sprinkler system, you will have the best performance from your equine’s athletes. IrrigationBox really understands the importance of dust suppression in the horse arena, hence why, we would like to introduce few systems that will suit your requirements and budget, from the suitable sprinklers to travelling irrigators when you prefer convenience and multi usability.


The sprinkler options which would be suitable for horse arena are DuCaR Atom 15, DuCaR Atom 22, and DuCaR Atom 28, depending on the flow rate and pressure in your system. Of course, the sprinklers placement is important as well so they don’t interrupt any activities. The sprinklers can be easily mounted on a riser or just a simple connection to the existing pipes in the indoor arena. And for the outdoor arena, we also have a skid base, wheeled cart, and tripod stand, which you can easily move around and use whenever you need it.


If you prefer more convenience and multi usability, we could also offer travelling irrigators, a soft hose travelling irrigator and a hard hose travelling irrigator. We have IrriCruiser Mini Plus for the soft hose irrigator and Casella Garden 50/160 for hard hose irrigator option. The only difference between these two irrigators is mainly the hydrant placement. The soft hose irrigator needs the hydrant to be in the middle of the area, while with the hard hose irrigator, you can place the hydrant at the end of the arena. They are not only for suppressing the dust in the arena, but they can also be used to water the grass areas for the horses and as a result, the horses will always have greener and healthier grass.



Please always think of the safety first. By installing a sprinkler system in your arena, you will be buying a tremendous peace of mind yourself that you are protecting your horses’ life and also keeping the riders healthy. Please feel free to contact one of our team to discuss the most suitable system according to your requirement and keep everyone healthy.

How to choose the right sprinkler for your project
How to choose the right sprinkler for your project
This article is intended to give an introduction to choose the right sprinkler for any irrigation project. As there are various sprinkler heads used for irrigation in the market, this will help you choose the best sprinkler for your situation. Knowing the pressure and flow rate in your system will help you finding the the most efficient sprinkler which will give you the best performance and most importantly preventing you having a costly error in your system.
Which sprinkler stands should I buy?
Which sprinkler stands should I buy?
There are three different types of sprinkler stands that you can find, which are sprinkler skid base, wheeled cart, and tripod stand or four-legged sprinkler stand. Depending on your purpose and suitability, you will be able to find the perfect stand for you to maximize the portability and performance. Here at Irrigation Box we can help you choosing the right sprinklers and sprinkler stand for your irrigation system.
Soft hose travelling irrigators vs hard hose travelling irrigators
Soft hose travelling irrigators vs hard hose travelling irrigators
Agriculture irrigation technology that improving very fast has impacted people's way to spend time outside. We start using the technology to make irrigating land easier and simpler while still able to maintain the efficiency of the work done. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages of soft hose and hard hose travelling irrigators in order to find the perfect irrigator for your requirements and needs.
Why should I use a travelling irrigator?
Why should I use a travelling irrigator?
Irrigating your land is about providing the right amount of water to the right area, at the right time, with the highest efficiency in order to bring the most out of your land. The new generation of travelling irrigators will help you achieve all these results, while at the same time you can save time, money, energy, and most importantly save water.
Impact sprinkler or gear driven sprinkler?
Impact sprinkler or gear driven sprinkler?
There are many different agriculture irrigation sprinklers available in the market, from impact sprinklers to gear drive sprinkler. In order to choose the best sprinkler that will be suitable for your requirement, you have to know the flow rate and pressure in your system. When it is time to choose the sprinkler, we will start by discussing how they work and also the advantages and disadvantages of both impact sprinklers and gear driven sprinklers. Our high quality sprinklers also come with different nozzles and specific angle which will work best for your needs. In additions, we also have the perfect sprinkler stands for all of our product. So, buy online now with confidence at Irrigation Box
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